08.05.2018 | The subject of power

The subject of power – and how to deal with it – is a constant topic within the European Women’s Management Network. After the profound workshops and discussions at the EWMD-Lake Constance Talks in May 2017 and the Austrian Members‘ Week-end in Dec. 2017, the Viennese Chapter continued with this topic throughout an interactive Workshop focussing on our members‘ personal experiences.

The trustful atmosphere and the well reflected management experiences of the Members present, encouraged a very open and lifely exchange.
The spectrum of situations described reached from subtle gestures, constant dominant actions [like agenda setting and interruptions in meetings] to some more complex conflict situations where power was misused by the powerful person.
The question of what we learned from the experiences we made, how to develop and hand on our „power-literacy“ and how to raise awareness among younger EWMD-members filled the 2nd part of this fruitful evening.

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